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On-Demand Streaming Lessons Integrated with Hands-On Project Challenge Kits

 STEAM Lab is a complete technology program that combines self-paced internet media learning with on-site hands-on project kits. We provide everything you need to create your own STEAM lab.

What is the Recommended Age for STEAM Lab?

​Students from ages 10 to 18 will find projects that engage and challenge them. The curriculum has a knowledge hierarchy that gradually teaches the students more complicated subjects as they learn the basics.

Self-paced "Edutainment" Internet Learning

Our collection of over twenty STEAM challenges comprise an entire STEAM curriculum library. Students login to their own account, select a challenge project and work through the challenge, which contains various levels of instruction videos and a related hands-on build. These projects have multiple levels of completion and each level records the students progress and project work, giving teachers the data required to create evaluations. Students take interactive quizzes and upload project completion videos. Some projects can be completed in a few hours, while others may require weeks. The the cost of the program is based upon the number of students and starts at $15/month. Click here for program costs.


Hands-On Project Build Challenge Kits

We have designed project kits for each challenge that have all the components required for students to complete a hands-on projects to test their learning.  Each challenge kit comes in a labelled plastic container and holds all the components and tools required to build the project. Kits are purchased separately,  you decide which kits and the quantity of each to purchase. Kits range in cost from $30 - $250. Click here for Kit Details and Costs.

What Schools Are Saying About STEAM Lab....

"STEAM Power For Kids is an incredible addition for my school. Our kids love it !!  I see tremendous growth through the fun of coding, creating and building. TMac has brought opportunity and passion to McNair Magnet Middle School."

-- Mrs. Stewart, STEAM Coordinator

Required School Resources

Our qualified STEM teacher will work with your onsite representative, teacher or educational assistant to provide software and hardware setup, deliver project kits, and provide accounts for students. You will need internet access, a dedicated space for a computer, project work space and kit storage shelves. We will ship all kits to your location and provide assistance to setup and coordinate your STEAM Lab.

If you are considering some kind of STEAM solution for your school, we encourage you to call us, or email us to discuss your needs. or 321-474-6094

Questions About Our Lab Challenges and the Equipment Required? 

Why STEAM and Why Stream ?
Various Lesson Examples
Robotics - How Do Batteries Work?
Robotics - Batteries & Electricity
Magnets and Charges
Basic Coding - Brain Blast (Part Two)
Electron Flow in Wires
Beginning Java Slide Show
Electricity, A Bedtime Story
Beginning Java Coding - Lab 3
Basic Coding and Computers
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