STEAM Lab is streaming STEAM classes in Coding, Robotics, Digital Media, Engineering Technology, Electronics and Computer Science by Utilizing Hands-On Project Based Learning

If your school is looking for a way to provide a STEAM Lab, we have the solution for you. We provide a self-paced on-demand  STEAM curriculum streamed from our website to your location. Our demand streaming classes are tailored for public schools, small schools, church schools and home schools. Select one day per week, one class per day or build an entire STEAM Lab elective class for every day of the week. We want all kids to have the chance to learn STEAM. Students can work at their own pace, while the in-class instructor provides oversight and guidance.

Our collection of over twenty STEAM challenges comprise an entire STEAM curriculum. Students login to their account, select a project and work through the challenge. These projects have multiple levels of completion and each level records the students progress and project work, giving teachers the data required to create evaluations. Some projects can be completed in a few hours, while others may require weeks.

What Schools Are Saying About Our Programs....

"STEAM Power For Kids is an incredible addition for my school. Our kids love it !!  I see tremendous growth through the fun of coding, creating and building. TMac has brought opportunity and passion to McNair Magnet Middle School."

-- Mrs. Stewart, STEAM Coordinator

Our qualified STEM teacher will work with your onsite representative to provide software and hardware setup, deliver class materials, and provide accounts for students. Our program in coding, robotics, digital media and general computers ranges in price from $100 to $300 per month, depending on class size. Scholarships & Grants may also be available.

Please, call, or email, us for more information and current pricing. or 321-474-6094

Questions About Our Lab Challenges and the Equipment Required? 

Why STEAM and Why Stream ?
Various Lesson Examples
Robotics - How Do Batteries Work?
Robotics - Batteries & Electricity
Magnets and Charges
Basic Coding - Brain Blast (Part Two)
Electron Flow in Wires
Beginning Java Slide Show
Electricity, A Bedtime Story
Beginning Java Coding - Lab 3
Basic Coding and Computers