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Age and Abilities


Age should not be a limitation for desire and ability. Kids learn at different rates, so our learning is not age based. We provide recommended ages for our classes, but our creative and flexible learning environment allows kids to work at the pace which suites their abilities.

Teach In Harmony


Group teaching and team learning are important concepts for us. We focus on program learning but we also realize that kids can help kids to learn. Sometimes, a kid needs to ask immediate questions. or ask another kid in order to grasp a new concept. We promote an interactive and open learning environment for this reason. 

Visual Hands-On Learning


Visual multi-media presentations and hands-on learning is an incremental improvement over standard book learning. We have developed custom learning materials utilizing videos, animations and physical models. Building and making is a fundamental activity in our classes.

We are an IRS 501c(3) Charitable Corporation
  Todd 'TMac' McDonald 
Founder’s Notes 


As a kid, I realized that most education came in a one-size fits all package. The kids who need to be challenged don't always get that opportunity and the kids who need a little extra help sometimes don't get it. As I've gotten older and wiser, I have discovered that different people learn in different ways. The secret of teaching is discovering each student's needs and abilities and being to create a dynamic learning environment for all. The children are our future. It makes sense to give our children every opportunity to achieve and succeed at as early an age as is possible. Here's to a better, smarter and wiser future.

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Steam Power for Kids, c/o Entech Innovative

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