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All our teachers and volunteers are Brevard County School District A+ Certified
Todd '"TMac"' McDonald 
Todd '"TMac"' McDonald

Founder and Teacher

Todd 'TMac' McDonald is the founder of Steam Power For Kids. Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and has over 28 years of computer industry experience. He was a founding partner in eQuential Software and Triarc Solutions and now he is focused on transferring his wealth of knowledge to his students. TMac is a software coach for "Wingspan", the Viera High School FRC FIRST robotics team and also an accomplished acrylic and watercolor artist under his art pseudonym 'Donaroo'. His view of education is that it needs to be presented in a unique and visually compelling manner. Most of his classes involve multimedia, physical demonstrations and hands on experiments demonstrating lessons learned from his own experiences. You will enjoy learning from TMac.

TMac's Bio (so far)

I have been many things in my life; scientist, software developer, investment adviser, artist, engineer, teacher, writer and business owner. What I love about life is the vastness of knowledge out there just waiting to be learned. My motto has always been "Learn as much as you can from anyone who will teach it to you and never stop". After I sold my technology consulting business, I started learning about Programmable Logic Controllers and factory automation systems, this in turn led me to Robotics. Robotics has intrigued me and is my latest passion, keeping me busy learning about robot movement, vision and natural language comprehension. However, what I love the most is figuring out creative and  innovative ways to pass on the knowledge I have learned to those hungry to learn, especially secondary students. In order to develop the most efficient teaching methods, I have spent the last few years learning about animation, video and audio production, which has culminated in our state of the art video production and streaming studio. Now, it's time to revolutionize education by building more visual content and delivering it to all students everywhere through Live Streaming.

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