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STEAM Power For Kids – LIVE Streaming STEAM Classes & Costs


Currently, STEAM Power For Kids offers seven different STEM classes;

  •  - Beginning Robotics

  •  - Advanced Robotics

  •  - Beginning Coding Development

  •  - Advanced Coding Development

  •  - Circuits & Electronics

  •  - Computer and Network Fundamentals

  •  - Digital Imaging, 3D Modeling & Video Production


You decide…

  • Which classes you would like to offer your students.  

  • What day of the week and timeframe for each class.

  • How many days of the week for each class. 


Our classes are designed to be 50 to 55 minutes long, but can be shortened to thirty minutes our extended to 90 minutes.Some schools choose to offer a single one hour class one day a week, while some schools have created a core STEM hour for each day of the week and rotate classes each day of the week. You make the choice for your student’s needs and your budget. Select the classes would like, schedule the length of the classes and the days of the week for those classes. 


The cost per month for a weekly one hour class ranges from $32 / month to $153 / month based upon the number of enrolled student. See the table below for details.


* First Semester Classes run from September through December (16 weeks)

* Second Semester Classes run from mid January through mid May (16 weeks)


* Both Robotics and Circuits/Electronics require the purchase of a lab kit of parts for our    hands on projects. See below for lab kit options and prices.


Schedule Your Own Class Option, per Student Pricing Matrix  

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