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  A Variety of Curriculum for All STEAM Needs    

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After-School Kids Program 

Our After-school programs are tailored for school age children (age 10+) and run from 2:30 pm until 6 pm Monday through Thursday. Our curriculum includes science, general computers, software coding, electronics. art and robotic. There is organized instruction as well as labratory time. Check our class schedule for specific classes and times offered..

On-Demand Streaming with STEAM Lab 

Our streaming classes are designed for public schools, private schools, church schools and home schools. If your school does not have the ability to provide a STEAM teacher, we have the solution for you. We provide an On-Demand STEAM curriculum that we call 'Edutainment'. You subscribe to our service and determine how many students you will enroll and how often you will provide classes, once weekly, once daily, or all day. We want all kids to have access to STEAM and all schools to have a STEAM Lab.

Our qualified STEAM teacher will work with your onsite representative to provide software and hardware setup, deliver class materials, and project kits. We offer challenges in coding, robotics, digital media, engineering technology, electronics and computers science  Scholarships & Grants may be available.

Robotics Class Project Introduction
Nightly and Weekend Programs

Some programs are occasionally held at night and on weekends.  Check our class schedule for specific classes and times offered..

Special Programs 

Occasionally, we offer special all day and half day classes on weekends. We also provide a week long summer camp for kids in June. Contact us to create a custom program.

  Custom Programs   

We offer traditional custom Live Streaming classes in STEAM. If you would prefer private tutoring sessions, we offer custom created lessons designed to meet your needs. Please call us to setup a custom class.

Advanced Robot Build Project
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